Radiotherapy Treatments

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What is cutting-edge Radiotherapy?

It is a treatment that administers higher doses of radiation in specific areas of the body, in order to destroy cancer cells and reduce tumor size.   Its objective is to completely eliminate the genetic material of damaged cells, in fewer sessions, avoiding their growth or division and minimizing symptoms in our patients.

In some cases, the objective of radiotherapy is the complete destruction of the tumor or its reduction in size, as well is the reduction of symptoms in each case.

Types of radiotherapy

1. Hypofractionated Radiotherapy

This type of therapy provides the patient with a greater dose than the conventional, reducing the number of weeks of treatment and avoiding any type of discomfort caused by the treatment’s duration.

2. Conventional Fractionated Radiotherapy

In this type of therapy, radiation targets the affected area with “conventional” doses which range from 1.8 to 2 Gy.  Previously, these doses were standard due to the limited capabilities of the equipment available.   With current equipment it is possible to use higher doses without damaging tissue adjacent to the tumor.

The type of radiation chosen to treat the patient in each particular case depends on the type of tumor as well as the condition of the patient.  The treatment is chosen by the Radiation Oncologist who considers all aspects mentioned above.

3. Integrated Boost Radiotherapy

On occasion, it is necessary to give a higher radiation dose (boost) to a single affected area. In other cases, it is necessary to give a conventional dose covering a larger area when there is a risk of a new tumor developing or when the existing tumor could spread.  Now, thanks to integrated boost therapy it is possible to provide this treatment simultaneously since it allows for lesser and greater doses simultaneously, according to each patient’s needs.