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Our Services

The Helical Radiotherapy Unit uses x-ray energy to kill cancer cells, by means of a high-precision electron accelerator (TomoTherapy Hi-Art) to identify affected areas that are hard to reach. The use of this advanced technology enables the delivery of a hypofractionated dose of radiation, which translates into shorter treatments, better survival and lower risk of complications.

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This Unit has adopted the first Infini™ Rotating Gamma Ray System delivering high doses of radiation with unprecedented accuracy, preserving all the healthy tissue surrounding the treated area.

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The main purpose of this Unit is to support cancer patients by evaluating their general condition during a medical consultation, in order to determine the patients’ diagnosis and tumor classification.

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To provide comprehensive care to our patients, the CIC (International Cancer Center) provides services that support and complement our two treatment units with the following services:

In partnership with the Hospital de Diagnóstico:

Servicios de apoyo:

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Success Stories

Andrés Taboada

International Patient/Ecuador

“Andres Taboada from Ecuador was diagnosed with a brain metastasis. At first he sought treatment in his hometown of Quito, but was disappointed by the lack of treatment options. Thanks to the support and efforts of the government of Ecuador, Andrew found the Centro Internacional de Cáncer (International Cancer Center) which provided the alternative he needed”.

Dr. Finlander Rosales


Dr. Finlander is a Salvadoran physician specializing in oncology and hematology. He is part of the medical staff of the International Cancer Center as a medical oncologist.